The UnThankful Thanksgiving Post

I suppose I should make this my jolly-good cheer and Happy Thanksgiving Post.

But…  I’m not feeling it.

In fact, I still have to buy the turkey for tomorrow.  I hope by the time I get there, they have more than Tofurkey.  I don’t do Tofurkey (sorry Aunt Ellen).

I also have to pretty much clean the house.  I’ve been meaning to start that particular task for days now.  Just never happened.  Here’s to hoping that now that we’re down to the last minute, I’ll find some motivation.  I’m not holding my breath.

I am very excited about Sweet Potato Casserole and Pink Stuff.  Although, I fear that I won’t be able to use the Pink Stuff recipe without crying.  It’s in Mom’s handwriting.  Usually, I can forge through those recipes ok, but today….  Today they make me teary.

Second Round of Holidays without my Mom.  I’ve been so pumped up and excited about the season, hoping so very much that maybe we can just have a simple–time with family–health crises not even on the horizon–happy time this year.  And I’m still hoping that.  But I think I’ve been deluding myself thinking that the ache wouldn’t still be there.

It still is. 

Also you can add on a heaping pile of Shingles to our celebration this Thanksgiving (don’t ask….).

We have much to be Thankful for.   And hopefully that will be my next post. 

But for now, I needed to carve out a space for the ache and the blah and the missing.


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