The Thankfuller Thanksgiving Post

Also known as:  Today’s Happy List

1)  Little Miss

2)  Husband (even with piles of Shingles)

3)  Being together for a holiday–Read No Deployments this Holiday Season!  (knock wood) Hooyah!

4)  Pink Stuff

5)  Sweet Potato Casserole

6)  Friends coming for Dinner

7)  Seeing my Dad tonight (Shari too!)

8)  Little Miss sleeping to a reasonable time

9)  Little Miss chasing Chester

10)  All of Little Miss’s words…  even the one’s we didn’t mean to teach her. 

11)  Using traditional family recipes

12)  Starting our own traditions

13)  Pretending to be Martha Stewart–even though I’m so not

14)  Frozen Pie Crusts

15)  Mom’s Apple Pie

16)  Shari’s Peanut Butter Pie

17)  Being able to FINALLY get out the Nativity Set and begin telling the story of Jesus’s birth to Little Miss each night.

18)  Christmas tree goes up in 2 days!!!!

19)  Might there be a Christmas Parade to go to somewhere?

20)  The Washingtonian Wood-Stove smell

21)  Experiencing Holidays throughLittle Miss’s eyes

22)  Baby Bean’s first feelable movements (Hallo, Baby!)

23)  Getting our 2nd Vehicle back on Friday all fixed from the deer strike incident (and he had to get Shingles, too?!)

24)  Husband having 2 days off of work

25)  Getting out the Nat King Cole Christmas C.D.

26)  Leftovers

27)  Sending Leftovers home with other people

28)  Putting Leftovers into our awesome fridge

29)  My house will be clean (eventually)

30)  A warm house with a roof over our head…  oh, and also shingles on it.

31)  Cooking with Mom’s recipes, even if they do make me cry

32)  Knowing that crying is good sometimes.

33)  The wood-stove

34)  Being able to start a fire in said wood-stove (I am woman hear me roar.  I can make fire too!)

35)  Teaching Little Miss “Jingle Bells”

36)  Compiling Holiday Memories

37)  New Holiday memories

38)  Hope

39)  Light in the darkness

40)  Hopefully more light this year

41)  Bean letting me have an appetite

42)  Knowing that next Thanksgiving we will have our baby on the outside  😉

43)  Using my beautiful, red, KitchenAide mixer

44)  Being able to take care of/spoil Andy for a change

45)  Feasting

46)  Mint M-n-Ms

47)  Fudge Season

48)  Good-smelling, warm-holiday candles

49)  Reasons to cook Yummy Breakfasts

50)  A reminder to make Happy Lists


2 thoughts on “The Thankfuller Thanksgiving Post

  1. Wood smoke is such a very nice smell. Wish we had some here. It’s -37C with the windchill factored in. A red kitchen aid? Those look really pretty. I’m itching to get out the nativity set too. Hugs from me to you.

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