D-Day #2

Two years ago I found out my Mom had Lung Cancer.

I’ve been teary all day today for no good reason…  and then I looked at the date and made the connection.  I’ve read a bit about emotional memory when dates come up–how part of you knows before your brain does that it’s a significant day.  Maybe that’s the reason for the tears.

Maybe it’s just hormones.

But what I know for sure is this day two years ago was the day that knocked my whole world on it’s head.  I will never be the same again, and I don’t want to be, but my world will never feel as right again. 

I miss my Mom.


3 thoughts on “D-Day #2

  1. I’m so sorry, sweetie.

    You’re not alone in your misery this weekend…I saw my first Xmas tree stand yesterday and had a walmart moment right outside of my grocery store. The first of many for this season, I’m sure.

  2. My mom’s three year has just passed… I had a very similiar experience with emotional memory and it really played heavily on me for several days. I am sorry that you have had a hard time. Entering into the holidays is very hard…I stand with you!



  3. Wow I know I am very delayed in responding to this but I was refered by the tag of lung cancer and I happened to come upon your blog. My mother just recenly died of lung cancer. I know how you feel and hopefully it will get better over time. I mean at least that is what everyone is telling me. I am hoping for it…

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