We Did It!!!!

s tree 

Today was the day of the walk.  We were a little late getting started, and we let the Bostonians get a 3 or so hour head start anyway  just because I didn’t want to be out walking at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, but off we went.

We walked in our very favorite State Park on some of our very favorite trails.  It was a magically beautiful day.  As I mentioned earlier, we’ve had record flooding here this week and rain that just wouldn’t stop, but today was just gorgeous.  The path we took snakes along a bluff over the water, and then turns inward.  When we were in the more forested areas, we had the slightest bit of fog so that we had this amazing Sherwood-forest, sun streaming through the trees effect and sunlight dappling the ground.

Even Little Miss used her little walking legs some.

We probably covered about 3 miles of trail before we called it a day.  We got Little Miss in the van to warm up her cold little nose, and headed to Applebees to celebrate Mom style–with Appetizers and rich dessert!

More importantly, we made our goal!  As I said before we aimed high–so high that we thought we were setting ourselves up for failure.  I was a little disappointed to go to bed last night $30 shy of our goal, but when I came home after the walk and checked we’d raised that final $30, and then $25 more!  Plus some of our snail-mail donations are still on their way!

Even more incredible–the entire Boston Area Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run with all of the satellites raised over $97,000 for Lung Cancer research.  That is a number I can’t even get my head around.  That is a number that can make a difference.  And to think, it’s because a few people got together and decided that maybe they could make a drop in the bucket on the way to a cure. 

I expected to be emotional during the walk.  I wasn’t really.  I cried a little in the car on the way to the parl thinking of the members of LCSC, some of whom I was walking with, others who are gone already.  I thought of Fay A, in particular, because before she died, she charged me with the mission to make noise about Lung Cancer and to do all I could to make a difference.  I hope Fay was proud today.

Of course I thought about Mom.  But I didn’t really dwell on those thoughts until I got home to read a beautiful email from one of her favorite people from Maytag.  The email re-emphasized what a special person Mom was and chuckled over what she would think about having a daughter going to seminary.  And…  then it was all about Mom.  I hope she was proud today too.

So…  We did it!!!!  And I thank those of you who read here who donated so generously.  I thank everyone who thought of us and supported us in this walk.

I am just so happy.  And so astounded at what a few ordinary people can do when they think big and aim high.  I hope that this offering will go a long way and will help to pave the way for a Lung Cancer breakthrough.



3 thoughts on “We Did It!!!!

  1. Those are gorgeous pictures, and I’m go glad that you met your fundraising goals and had a fun time while walking. My only regret is that you weren’t actually in Boston, so we could meet face-to-face (I’m visiting family in Boston this weekend).

    Take care, dear.

  2. Hi there,
    I ran across your blog as I myself am looking to find hope/answers for my husband. He’s 35 yrs old… a non-smoker, and we just received a diagnosis for lung cancer last week. We’re still waiting for the final pathology reports to come back. Drs think pre-lim this might be a Stage 3A. We’re scheduled to see an oncologist this week… and then we’re supposed to get a better idea of what course of action they can approach. Your blog was VERY inspirational… and I’m so sorry to read about your mom. I know that where she is… she has to be proud of you & all that you’re still doing to raise Lung Cancer awareness & research.

    I’m trying to grab hope by the horns… praying lots & surrounding myself with loving people who are also praying for my husband’s health.

    Thank you for your words of inspiration… they’ve done more than words can express at a time like this.

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