They were passing out more than Halloween Candy during trick or treating this year, and Andy, Little Miss, and I all have a wretched Fall cold.  I can only pray that this doesn’t turn into the three month saga of sickness it did when I was pregnant with Little Miss.

More importantly, it’s November.  Which means it’s Lung Cancer Awareness month.  That’s right.  That means, even more than usual you won’t be able to get me to shut up about the topic.

Along those same lines…  these first days of November are what I think of as the last of our days of oblivion.  Mom got her diagnosis November 18th.  I always feel a little guilty thinking of those days and the silly and not so silly worries I was obsessed with at that point.  I was trying to get a long-term lodging option set up for Mom and Dad for Little Miss’s birth this time two years ago.  I had no idea that things would be blown out of control in just two short weeks.  No more oblivion now.  Sometimes I miss it.

So, it’s my goal to help others learn from my lack of oblivion this month.  If I can kick the cold and think clearly enough I hope to tackle some of the many myths that surround Lung Cancer.  I might bore you with statistics (though in LCs case, I find the stats too freaking scary to be boring).  But I will be talking about it.

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to Sponsor Us For the Walk, Lung Cancer Awareness month is a good one.  We’ll walk November 11th.  We’re getting closer to our goal mark.  I’d LOVE to see us reach it.

Oh–and it’s also Military Family Appreciation Month, so…  Appreciate a Military Family or two.  Just don’t invoke the name of John Kerry when doing so….  At least not til the stink blows over him (don’t read too much party affiliation information into that about us or any other military family…  I’m just saying the man made a major faux pas and he might not be everybody’s favorite politician right about now).


2 thoughts on “November

  1. I came accross your blog regarding your thoughts on your mothers fight, I’m so sorry she lost the battle. I lost my Dad on the 21/08/06 to Lung Cancer and it tore my heart out. I would be interested to know if we have a LC Awareness campaign in the UK, do you know where I can find out. I don’t want his battle to be in vain, I feel I need to do something because at the moment I am still very angry, I need to channel this into something positive. If you have achance I would love to hear from you. Good Luck with your walk.

  2. I got your back…writing an entry on Lung Cancer Awareness Month right now. I’ll email the link to ya when it’s done.

    Take care and feel better soon,

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