October Giddiness

On the opposite spectrum of the blahness (see previous post and note that WordPress completely losing half of this post didn’t help….)–let me just say that for some reason, I am positively giddy about October this year.

First of all–there’s all the fallishness of it.  The colors…  The bite in the air…  The smell…  Wood burning stoves in the area started up making those beautiful wispy smoke pillars above all of the chimneys and that, well…  That smell!  I just love it.

Ok–Two words–Seasonal Treats.  Apple Cider.  Roasted Marshmallows.  Apple Pie.  All things pumpkin.

This year I have tried to enhance the experience of fall with my musical selections.  I found myself wistfully wishing for holiday music, and realized I shouldn’t skip ahead–I needed to musically LIVE in this moment.  So…  I pulled out Norah Jones.  Nothing says fall to me like Norah Jones music.  Today we added some Allison Krauss, and Nickel Creek for the perfect fall mix (ok.  I added some Kansas too–one shouldn’t be too mellow, even in fall).

And the leaves….  I know I’ve overdone it on waxing poetic on everything else, so I’ll try to go easy, but I just love watching the leaves turn colors and fall.  I know it is silly to get so excited about a simple drop in cloraphyll levels, but I can’t help it.  The golds, and reds, and blazing oranges just can’t be glossed over.  This all just adds to my intrinsic love of trees in general.  Then of course there is the delicious crunch that comes from shuffling through the leaves once they’ve fallen.  Yes my friends–this is the essence of the autumnal thrill!

And then there’s the Halloweeniness of it all!  Halloween is far from my favorite holiday, but I’m having so much fun with it this year!  We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and Little Miss helped us pick out three great big pumpkins and one that was just her size for carrying.  We made our own spooky decorations for the front door today.  Soon we’ll get to carve the pumpkins.  Then Little Miss will get to dress up in her adorable little costume and go TRICK OR TREATING.  That’s right…  We will get to take my little half-pint to friends and neighbors homes and oh!  The adorableness of it all!  Not to mention the candy.  Of course I will need to limit Little Miss’s intake of it all.  I will find the need to permanently rid the house of some it so she doesn’t ingest too much.  Oh yes…  Mommy will be able to help with that!

(And then there is the delight of making up words like “Halloweeny” and “Fallish” and “Octoberness” for posts such as these.  Talk about fun.)

I think part of my giddiness is the fun that having a child brings to all things childlike.  I am delighted about experiencing these things with Little Miss, and trying to see them through her eyes.

On top of that, the giddiness comes from the reality of Navy Life.  No matter how silly the holiday may be, it is still one that we get to celebrate TOGETHER AS A FAMILY.  Choosing and carving pumpkins, decorating the house, trick-or-treating–they may seem mundane or trivial, but they are family rituals that our ours and feel wrong when one of us is missing.  We go on with life, and live up all holidays the best we can, when Husband is gone, but when he is home we revel in them. 

As such…  I am positively revelling in the utter Octoberness of it all.


2 thoughts on “October Giddiness

  1. I’m so glad that everything is going well for you recently, and that you, hubby, Little Miss and the Bean will all be together for a major holiday. So what if it’s Halloween? Enjoy the apple cider, the leaves, and the Halloweeniness of it all. 🙂

  2. You have inspired me to find somewhere to go enjoy the Octoberness. There’s got to be somewhere here. . .even if it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees here today.

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