I am to the point of my day where I just feel blah.  It happens nearly every day.  It usually doesn’t last long, though sometimes it does.  Sometimes it means I’m tired.  Sometimes it means I haven’t eaten recently enough for the baby and my blood sugar to be happy.  And sometimes it’s just random blahness.

I don’t often feel the need to talk myself out of the blahness these days.  I don’t want to go put on a cheery movie, or make some hot cocoa (come to think of it–chocolate really hasn’t done it for me, since bean made bean’s appearance).  I’m ok just feeling blah.   And I’m tired of trying to talk myself out of any of my feelings.  Really…  they ALL serve a purpose, right?  In a few minutes, I’ll go get a shower, get the mail, and try to forge ahead with my Bible Study homework.  The topic this week is “sin.”  That is sure to work me out of my blahness.  (right)

The blahness might come from my sifting through the last couple of years–which still seem very real and revelent to the present.  They might come partly from worrying about the future–how everything is going to work out when bean comes out to meet us.  Whether or not Husband will be here.  When future deployments may loom.  What tricky, twisty new difficulties may be in store.

Or maybe it’s just my time of day to feel blah.

Regardless, I embrace the blahness and resolve to continue on with the day. 

Here I go.


2 thoughts on “Blah

  1. why do you call bean…bean… and since bean is small does that make bean beanie weenie? and if bean is very tiny does that make bean teenie weenie beanie? And since bean is an infant does that make bean teeny weenie beanie baby? SUCH EARTH SHATTERING QUESTIONS!

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