The Hunger Site

I just thought I’d do a little plug for The Hunger Site.  If you haven’t been there before the premise is this:  Visit the site and click on a little button and Voila!  People who desperately need food get fed.  It’s ingenious really.  Sponsors–who you will see listed after you click–give money to feed kids because they know us clickers have seen their sponsorship. 

Then when you’re done visiting the hunger site click the tabs at the top of the site’s home page to visit The Breast Cancer Site to fund mammograms (see–I DO think pink), the child health site which provides health services for kids around the world, The Literacy Site which provides books for kids, and then….  if you love animals and thinking green you can also visit the Rainforest Site, and the Animal Rescue Site.

You can do this once a day.  It’s just clicking…  and the clicking actually makes a difference!

I think it’s a really cool place on the web.  Plus, my cousin works for them.  (Hallo, Cousin!)

So go click.  Now.  🙂  It’s just too easy not to.


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