Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

  •  I’ve been craving those fakey-fakey white powdered-sugar hostess donuts.  And…  I finally gave in and got some at the store.  And while I have tried very hard not to over-indulge on this guilty little pleasure of mine, I am enjoying them thoroughly.
  • Right now I should be cleaning my bathroom (it’s getting really gross) or dusting for DH whose recently discovered a dust-allergy because of all the breeding bunnies around here, or at least doing my reading for Bible Study…  but I’m not.  Because pregnancy drains me of all sorts of gumption.  And I.  Don’t.  Want.  To.
  • I have evenings of being the snippiest woman alive.  Poor Husband has begun coming home wearing a hard-hat to dodge some of the rocks I throw at him (metaphorical only).  I am cranky.
  • I have been letting said darling husband who has so patiently endured my rock-slinging do most of the cooking.  I know…  I am not pulling my own weight…  But I can’t stand the smell of meat cooking.
  • My aversion to certain food textures is worse.  As is my gag-reflex.  The combination makes meal-time interesting.
  • I have already started foregoing leg-shaving for long periods of time.  I blame the exhaustion.  In a few months I’ll be able to blame the difficult reach.
  • I have been impressing Husband with my recent belching ability.  Who says pregnancy isn’t fun?

Ahhhh….  the miracle of new life!


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