A Number Dictating My Self-Esteem….

Like many women, I find that there is a number currently causing me to feel either better or worse about my self-esteem….

A number that I look at daily at least to see if I’m making any progress…. 

A number that reflects my self-worth for the moment….

A number that will not change no matter how hard I will it too……

What is this number you ask?  Am I spending too much time with my bathroom scale?


It’s the number on my donation page for the Boston Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run I’m doing here in Washington as a satellite walker. 

I’m only up to 1/3 of my goal.  I aimed high because I really, really hate Lung Cancer.

Visit the page, think about making a donation….  Then maybe even hit the button and submit it, and help me hit Lung Cancer hard…  and to feel better about that darned old number.  😉

 (All proceeds to this walk go to the LUNGevity Foundation.  LUNGevity does great stuff.   $.88 of every $1.00 given to LUNGevity goes directly to Lung Cancer research as a result of them partnering  with other research organizations.  They target Lung Cancer research solely, which is important, because many other foundations which raise money for cancer funding in general will only support smoking cessation classes to combat Lung Cancer.  Since over 50% of those diagnosed each year are former smokers or never smokers more money obviously needs to go to things like research so we can find treatments for those who are already diagnosed and better screening options for the rest of us.)

On top of all that, if you’re feeling really generous, go visit Amanda’s blog and consider donating to the amazing 5,000,000,000 Steps for a Cure that her husband Eric’s Uncle is undertaking in order to raise money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.


2 thoughts on “A Number Dictating My Self-Esteem….

  1. Awesome…thanks for mentioning me! I’ll mention and donate to yours now, but I’m planning on doing a blitz for ya in the beginning of November for National Lung Cancer Awareness Month on BlogHer and my site and hopefully a few others.

    I’ve kinda earned the title of the “Anti-Pink-Ribbon” chick (they wanted us to do a big blow-out for breast cancer on BlogHer and I said, no, absolutely not, there are so many other cancers that are just as deadly or more deadly for women that get NO press coverage and very little funding compared to breast cancer)…so anything that I can do to help ya, I will gladly take on.

    Good luck…off to the donation page.


  2. Lady–you are just awesome. 🙂

    I can be known to be a bit anti-pink ribbon myself… thought I’m not. I think it’s fantastic that so much money is raised… I just wish the wealth could be shared around a bit.

    Anyway… have I mentioned yet that you’re awesome?

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