A Tearful Homage to Christina Yang

First, a confession:  I have become seriously (that’s right I said, ‘seriously’) addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.  Even worse, my addiction took root while watching the infamous Season II Superbowl Episode–that’s right–the Code Black/Pink Mist episode–the most drama crazed, over-the-top cliff hanger of them all….

Second, a statement of comraderie:  You know you are as obsessed as I am if you understand why this story makes me laugh.

If you read my previous post, you know that last night was a tearful one for me.  It’s true–I blubbered and sobbed in a most gelatinous way….  In the midst of this tearful blubbering fest, I say to Husband, “Why can’t I stop….  Why can’t I stop crying???”  And he says, “Because you’ve been holding it in and it’s finally coming out.”  (Great…..)

I sob some more, and contemplate this statement…  Then realizing that I do, in fact, share something with Christina Yang, the Ice Queen of repressed emotion, I cry out,

“Somebody Sedate Me!!!!!!”

Giggling commenced.  More tears.  And finally, sleep. 

(By the way–since we don’t have cable or network T.V, just DVD/VCR paraphenalia who wants to volunteer to offer a synopsis of each and every episode of Grey’s this season until I am able to see them all on DVD?  Don’t all raise your hands at once, now!)


4 thoughts on “A Tearful Homage to Christina Yang

  1. Someday I’m waiting to use Izzy’s line “Because it’s what Jesus would freakin do!”
    I’m missing it too. So when it comes out on DVD, I’ll come to you and we’ll have a grey’s anatomy fest. I’m sure that would be possible with you having two kids right? HA!

  2. What about bunny ears? We use them and get five channels here… one of them has Grey’s and I watched it last night…. just a thought.

  3. Another fellow Grey’s Anatomy addict… I always knew we had a lot in common. I must confess I have a DVR… can’t really afford it… but won’t give it up either.. I watched the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy from last week twice… and still haven’t deleted it off my DVR. I’m totally addicted.

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