Who is This Person and What has she Done With My—-SELF!?

I’m going to keep this short because I have. to. lay. down…..

But…  The first trimester is kicking my butt.

I know I shouldn’t complain…  I know women who have had morning-sickness (all the freaking time sickness) so badly that they’ve had to be on anti-nausea meds of the same type as those my Mom took during chemo…  It so could be worse.

But though I’m not riding the vomit comet (technically) or tossing my cookies every ten seconds, I feel nauseated and sick and disgusting ALL THE TIME.

Also I feel exhausted ALL THE TIME–like, from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, til the moment I close them at night…  and also–I’m NOT SLEEPING WELL despite the fatigue…

And, AND…  I feel dizzy and light-headed and like I have weights on my shoulders and legs.

AND….  I am so incredibly emotional that I don’t know what side of me is ‘up.’  Therefore, trying to stay in perspective about all of the above and below maladies is very difficult.  I know they mean that bean is growing and thus I should be grateful…  I know it could be worse…  I know how incredibly blessed and lucky I am to be able to carry this child.  I do…  But it’s hard to remember when I feel like crap and my emotions don’t make any sense.

I try to do my housework…  I try to get a little exercise to combat the blahs and help with the energy…  I try to keep up with Little Miss…  And…  I…. just…. can’t….

I try to eat right like all the stupid guilt-the-mom-to be books tell me too.  I do.




So…  So….

That is me right now.

Don’t you just love random bloggy-whines?


3 thoughts on “Who is This Person and What has she Done With My—-SELF!?

  1. Sorry, but I almost snorted Dr. Pepper out my nose. I am sorry this is going so rough for you. From second hand experience I know what you are talking about – but cannot totally relate, being a guy and all.

    Praying that God will give you the strength and endurace to get through it.

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