Worth It? Oh Yeah….

Husband, Little Miss, and I indulged my insanity this weekend and hopped in the new van for a road trip through the mountains.

Day one went well.  Little Miss didn’t get too antsy and we stopped and were out and about enough that she had plenty of time to wiggle, and even met a few goats along the way to her great delight. 

Being at the hotel that night was a different story, however….  Despite the fact that the child has just finally surpassed her record time of staying in one place (we’ve been here over six months–hurrah!), she does not do particularly well with new sleeping environments.

We laid her in her pack-and-play with dolly, teddy, and the infamous blankets and crossed our fingers.  Things were quiet for a moment….  two moments…  three…  We stopped holding our breath…  And then, “Pop!” there’s a little head sticking up over the railing.  Attempts at planned ignoring and gentle admonishment did not go over well and soon we were faced with a screaming toddler in a hotel room that did not appear to be incredibly sound proof. 

We tried everything–we put her in bed with us, we moved her pack-in-play.  I rocked her, I walked her, I sang a million verses of “Rock My Soul.”  She settled in on my chest finally for a few moments of sleep only to wake up screaming again a few more times–more walking, and rocking, and soothing–more screaming–walk, rock, sooth, sing…  Again she falls alseep on me and we get a few precious hours of sleep.

Morning comes, and Little Miss has finally fallen into that beautiful deep sleep of a child….  Husband and I, however, are awake–very awake…  We study our beautiful sleeping girl and shake our heads at one another over the night, still a little grouchy at the arduous task that is now behind us, and the day of tiredness that lies before us…. 

Finally, Little Miss begins to stir…..  She peeks open one eye and sees me, shifts, peeks open the other and sees her Daddy…  small smile.  She reaches up to rub her fingers along her Daddy’s beard, breaks out in the sweetest little girl grin you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and then begins to giggle.

I sigh, and all I can think is:

“It’s all worth it.  These little moments make it all worth it.


One thought on “Worth It? Oh Yeah….

  1. Amen! Lately my ‘little miss’ has been waking up when I leave for work so that she can wave goodby to me from her window.

    No matter how frustrating times get… it’s moments like that – that make you melt.

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