Update on our state of affairs

I’m not sure what to write here lately.  Tuesday we went public with the news that we’re expecting a little brother or sister for Little Miss in early May.  I’ve been excessively emotional all week (increasingly so for the last six or so), not to mention mired in fatigue and constant (if thankfully low-level) nausea.  Ahhh…  the joys of pregnancy!  But I am thankful for each and every one of these temporary maladies because I know they mean bean is doing what bean is supposed to do.

We had been hoping to discover we were expecting even while moving forward with the seminary stuff.  I got the ‘official’ acceptance letter finally and need to get more rolling there.  I just need to answer the question of when to start.  Financially January may be crunchy, and having a baby right before finals would probably be a little distracting, so we may wait until next fall.

The most attention-sucking thing in my life right now really is the question of what can I eat without wanting to crawl under a rock?  Even more than last time I am plagued with cravings that change a million times a day, and it seems the meal that was absolutely delicious last night sounds absolutely disgusting the next day.  Husband has been very patient at letting me make mealtime decisions and doing a lot of the cooking (can’t stand the smell of meat cooking…..).  Food is a terrible preoccupation to have.

In general with the delight of keeping up with my toddler (and it is truly a delight), and the way I’m feeling physically I’m back to feeling that my full job is simply to get through the days.  Hoping that things will ease off at that magical second trimester mark.


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