Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run


I just found out that even though the Boston Area Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run is taking place (as you would guess) in Boston, that provisions are being made so that satellite walkers can walk any place in the country.

And…  of course…  I signed up to be one!

So…  November 11th, Andy and I will be out–probably at our favorite state park–walking up a storm in an effort to raise money for Lung Cancer research.

Before my Mom’s diagnosis I had no idea what a deadly disease Lung Cancer is.  It kills more people yearly than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer COMBINED.  It is the number one cancer killer.  It is also one of the most underfunded cancers out there.  As a result the survival rate for Lung Cancer (only 15% of those diagnosed will be alive 5 years later), hasn’t changed since the NIXON administration.

The proceeds of this walk will go directly to the LUNGevity Foundation.  LUNGevity is one of the only organizations out there dedicated exclusively to funding lung cancer research.

I am, of course, walking in memory of my Mom.

So…  If you think you might want to DO something to help eradicate this awful disease, please consider sponsoring me.  You can do so by following THIS LINK .


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