Ok, so Somebody Slap Me!

Today on a walk with Little Miss my mind began meandering a bit and I found myself thinking, “It’s been a while since I’ve been on a longish road trip…  Wouldn’t it be fun to hop in the van and go somewhere with Husband and Little Miss?  Drive a while…  Stay in a hotel?”

As if doing that five or six times (and that’s not counting any trips where I flew) in the last 18 months isn’t enough–with most of those trips being about 2000 miles one way? 

Did I forget the ‘screaming infant’ phenomenon?

Or the “aching butt” syndrome?

Or the “I’m so sick of generic looking rooms!  When can I just get somewhere with real food and real furniture where I can *stay* for a little bit,” issue.

Yes my friends, we can chock this up to a brief moment of insanity.


One thought on “Ok, so Somebody Slap Me!

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