Lack of String Leads to Random Ramblings

So I really wanted to come here and write something pithy today.  I really did.  I wanted to finely craft these beautiful words and wrap them up in a nice cohesive blogging bundle….

But I must be out of string or something.  So you’ll have to settle for disjointed random thoughts.

Random thoughts on Motherhood for the day:

Lets talk Toddler Warfare…  In the world of Toddler Warfare, I believe that tantrums are the equivalent of ‘shock and awe.’  They are explosive and huge and meant as a tool to get what they want right freaking now.  Whining on the other hand is the toddler equivalent of a war of attrition.  It is an attempt to wear down the will of a parent using constant, if not altogether powerful attacks.  That’s right my friends….  Just such a war is being waged in my home as of late.  (Please note:  I do not really believe that parenting is about warfare, but I found the analogy worked out eerily well).

In other Little Miss news, my daughter has officially chosen her security items.  That’s right, I said items.  When she wakes up each morning she simply *must* have her blanket from Gramma K, the blanket that my Gramma W made for me when I was a baby, AND “Bear,” the stuffed fellow whom Daddy sent Little Miss for Christmas from a port call to Italy (so maybe we should call him ‘orso.’).  She drags them around everywhere.  She wraps Bear-orso in the blankets.  She plays peek-a-boo with Bear-orso.  She waves around her blankets while dancing.  So far it is acceptable to leave the house without the blankets, but not without Bear-orso. 

Sometimes I wish I could find a sense of security in a way so easy as holding two blankets and a bear.  But, alas, I am an adult.

Random action of the day: 

I went to a restaurant with my World Religions class today with the intent of us all trying Indian Curry.  I ate a Grilled-Cheese Sandwich.

Random sadness of the day: 

I sat across the room from a woman today who had a look on her face that I knew too well.  It was the, “One of my loved ones has just been diagnosed with incurable cancer and while I’m really trying to care about what is being said to me, I just can’t right now,” look.  I know the feelings that accompany that look so well, that I wanted to hide under the table.  I didn’t, though, because I know she needs people who don’t want to hide from her and her family right now more than anything.

Random flaw of the day:

When am I going to stop analyzing to the minutiae the facial expressions that people have when I am speaking to them?  Will I ever rid myself of my insecurity enough to not always be looking to others to be my mirror? 

Random annoying thing happening right now:

One of the planes of the same variety that Husband works on is flying over and causing the walls to shake.  Oh, the joys of living near a military base.

Random good memory of the day:

I used VO5 Shampoo today…  It smelled JUST LIKE the greasy stuff Mom used to smear in my hair to make it shiny or have volume or not be stringy or something when I was a little girl.  Yay for VO5.  Also Yay for the part of our brain which registers smell working so well with the pleasure center to retain memories. 

Random revelation of the day:

I have been repressing bad feelings about Elmo.  Yesterday, because of a satirical column written recently about Elmo raising a generation of idiots I had the chance to air these repressed feelings, and sounded like a flaming idiot myself for taking such satire so seriously.  The good news is, I have come out of the closet.  I am now a confessed disliker of Elmo.

Random irony of the day:  WordPress’s spell check function apparently doesn’t recognize the word “blog” or any of it’s suffix-given variants.

Random concluding remark of the day:

I’ll try to find my string soon.  Farewell until then!


3 thoughts on “Lack of String Leads to Random Ramblings

  1. I am so glad that I found your blog! I lost my mom 3 years ago to cancer, and so much of what you say is true. Reading some of your passages made me have to suck in breath; it was hard ot read, but so true. My oldest son was 6 months old when my mom died. She has never met my youngest. I am doing so much better than the first two years, but I don’t think youever get over losing your mom. I never will.

  2. I am SOOOO glad to hear about your dislike of Elmo. I could go on and on about my dislike for him but will summarize it in saying he is never what Jim Henson intended Sesame Street to be.

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