Flexibility–Issued by the Navy

Nothing is ever set in stone with the Navy.  Especially return dates.

I got a call from husband yesterday saying, “Guess what!  I’m coming home a whole day early!” 

“Hurray!” says I–and then I look around the house which is cluttered and in need of just a couple of ‘deep cleaning’ items, think of the somewhat spontaneously planned trip to meet up with some relatives that will require a 2.5-3 hour trip both ways the same day and panic a little bit.  “Oh well!” says I (what’s the deal with the ‘says I’ thing?  I don’t know either…)  So I devised a plan to get as much housework done before leaving to not be mortified if husband got back before our return, with the hopes that I would have an hour or so after our relative trip, to tidy a bit before needing to go pick him up.

Get an email from the ombudsman this morning, “Your sailor will be here in the mid afternoon of return day!”  “Yippee!” says I.  Then I consider calling relatives to cancel the trip to do that deep cleaning and to ensure that I Will be here to do the sappy welcome-home thing (even if this was only a short one).  I complete the rest of my morning computer tasks and suddenly the phone rings. 

I rush to get the phone as Little Miss is still sleeping.  Smile to see that it is DH calling, and answer happily knowing that he is about to tell me that he’s on the first flight and will be in by mid afternoon.

“Well….”  He does not sound happy.  “The flights got all messed up…  I won’t be leaving until late, late, late return day night…  so I probably won’t come home until early, early, early the next morning.  Don’t worry I already have a ride.” 

“*sigh*” says I.

Before my husband joined the Navy I never used the word, “flexible” to describe myself.  Generally it was more along the lines of, “uptight.”  “Planner.”  Etc.

After only 2.5 years I have thrown out the notion of planning, and especially the notion of knowing anything concretely.

This is just one example.

We’ll have the light on and the welcome home sign up…  whenever he gets here.


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