Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

So of course–since I started to “come out” about the whole M.Div/Seminary thing, now there are some major snags in the line.

I spoke to our Associate Pastor today when I asked him for a letter of reference.  Turns out that the United Methodist denomination can be a bit sticklerish about Ordination.  A wise idea, I’m quite sure.  They have a list of ‘approved’ schools that one may go to if one wants to be ordained in their denomination.  And…  My choice isn’t there. 

However, I now have a list of schools that are approved, so now it’s a matter of just researching those and finding out which programs might work for me given my location/stage in life/husband in the Navy constraints.

As Dory says, I’ll “Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming.”  (Speaking of–writing “Swimming” that many times with all of those WIMMIs is enough to make one’s head do some swimming.)


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